PPE Vending Solutions

Organizations across all sizes and industries are looking for ways to cut costs from their operations, and a large number are turning to inventory management solutions. Vending machines have gained considerable popularity among organizations looking to better control consumption of small, highly consumable, highly valuable products.

Managing PPE through vending machines helps organizations maintain a clean and safe work environment to help reduce injuries and mitigate safety risks. Appropriate PPE, whether it is eye, hearing, respiratory, hand, body or foot protection is critical to almost every safety program. Vending machines make this PPE readily accessible to employees by locating the machine at point-of-use. An employee is more likely to wear gloves during the job if the walk is only three steps to get them, as opposed to 30 steps. The convenience of accessing PPE close to where the work is done increases the likelihood of employee compliance.

Inventory Control

At the ISM Group we believe in keeping things simple, we will work with your safety team to design the Supply System you need based upon the PPE items of use. Everything about the Supply System is designed to efficiently and intelligently deliver the best user experience possible, proposing the best inventory control system for department managers.

Whether you need to provide simple grab-n-go solutions or offer sophisticated tracking and item control, integrating across systems and functions, the Supply System is easily configured to address any inventory control challenge. And because it offers almost infinite configurations, it operated the way you do instead of asking you to change the way you work.

The benefits

  • 1. Cost savings

    Installing PPE vending machine can represent a significant saving for plants. These savings result from higher efficiency among workers as well as reduced waste and higher productivity.

  • 2. Usage Monitoring & Control

    By using a PPE vending program, companies can control what is available for employee use. They can also track the use of equipment bought through the vending machine. This equipment is generally set up to use either an employee number or ID card to get their PPE. The cards can be coded so employees can only access the specific equipment they need. This leads to fewer mistakes and more efficient use of inventory.

  • 3. Inventory Management

    Technology is pretty neat and PPE vending machines can create reports that outline; The use of equipment; Allow management to create better inventory management procedures; Cut down on the amount of equipment in stock that is used infrequently and Create less waste.

  • 4. Restocking Efficiency

    PPE vending machines can be programmed so that when inventory reaches a decided restock level, an automatic request is sent to the ISM Group. This means that the unit is always stocked at optimal levels, creating better and more efficient inventory management procedures.