Employee onboarding services

Training staff members in important safety matters can be time consuming, and a very costly exercise. Here at International Safety Management we have designed and developed an online training platform that not only is a training tool to assist learners achieve vital safety certification, but also a valuable reporting tool for all Safety Managers in capturing the right information through our robust reporting structure for employees.

Using the latest technology means that you can effortlessly manage your safety eLearning program with our beautifully simple Learning Management System.

Whether you have a large number of learners or just a few, our LMS makes managing your safety education program very easily indeed. As a company we will work with your safety department to build the most up-to-date training courses, so they are engaging and fun for the learner, ensuring a rewarding learning experience.

How we work

  • 1. Custom Training Design

    We work with your safety team to ensure that your learners have the safety education that not only meets your safety training objectives, but more importantly surpass them.

  • 2. Corporate Branding

    It is vitally important that your employers are totally engaged in the online education, so we will ensure that all courses are developed under your brand, to make all employees feel at ease from day one.

  • 3. Web Based Solutions

    Our Learning Management System will allow your safety management team to control all safety administrative requirements, thus saving time and money in the control of legislative training.

  • 4. Reporting Tools

    With pain free management tracking and reporting tools, you can expect engaged teams and happy stakeholders in equal measure. A simple but powerful reporting structure allows your safety team to carry out mandatory HR requirements.

  • 5. Versatility

    Our online learning management system is easy, versatile, and ready-to-go in minutes. You will have everything you need to manage your safety training program, however big or small.