Contractor onboarding services

Many companies have contractors working on a daily basis at their location, and this in itself can cause several problems in Safety Awareness. The cost to train contractors prior to engaging work activities and the downtime of your safety team in onboarding contractors. At International Safety Management we have designed and developed an integrated learning management system that encompasses all of your contractor training requirements.

Our robust and dynamic online Contractor Onboarding System allows you to enroll contractors onto all your onboarding training prior to them carrying out site specific work activities. You will be able to upload all your documentation and ensure all legally required documentation is completed again prior to work activities being carried out.

Your Safety Team will be able to track all leaners live, thus ensuring that all contractors will be monitored on all aspects of online safety and giving your safety team the time to concentrate on their day-to-day safety awareness duties.

How we work

  • 1. Processes & Procedures

    We will work with your safety management team and design and develop a site-specific training course based upon your company safety process and procedures. Ensuring that an engaging training course is carried out by all contractors.

  • 2. Assessment Tools

    Not only is it important to know that contractors understand the learning materials, but also for any audit carried out, as you can show evidence that learner understanding occurs. At ISM we have designed a selection of assessment tools that assist in the evaluation of understanding.

  • 3. Web Based Solutions

    Our Learning Management System will allow your safety management team to control all safety administrative requirements, thus saving time and money in the control of contractual legislative training.

  • 4. Reporting Tools

    Our reporting tools will be based on live statistical information, ensuring that mandatory contractor training requirements are undertaken and monitored.

  • 5. Managed Solutions

    Our online learning management system is easy, versatile, and ready-to-go in minutes. You will have everything you need to manage your safety contractor site specific training programs, however big or small.